Yuki: I may look courtly and refined with my pillowy white coat, but I love to kiss people right on the mouth! My mom says my name means "snow" in Japanese, which suits me just fine. My brother Kodi (pssst, not my real brother, he came after me!) is smaller because he’s some kind of miniature American Eskimo while I’m the real thing. He hasn’t gotten the idea though that I rank over him so I am always having to remind him.

Kodi: I live with Yuki who thinks he's so fine, but I'm the real lover boy. I have a habit of spinning in circles, only clockwise though, when I'm really excited, which is most of the time. I just love everything: eating, chewing, playing, doing tricks, getting petted and, most of all, challenging Yuki. He gets so worked up about it!

Yuki and Kodi: Here we are together, the happy couple. People call us the Bickersons although to us it’s just play. You should see us running at top speed in the back yard. It looks like two white fur balls whizzing around in circles.

Lewis and Clark: Does this picture make us look Siamese? We most definitely are not! We were found together on a doorstep in the country and got adopted out to these really nice people who don’t let us go outside! We like to escape occasionally but never seem to get too far in our explorations before some exotic scent stops us dead in our tracks. We are both super friendly and are tri-lingual (Cat, English and Spanish.) That’s because when we were growing up our house was being renovated and we only heard Spanish for the longest time. If we ever make the Great Escape we should be able to get along just fine!

Eddie: I know my pic looks a lot like Spec. That’s because he’s my brother, but if I say so myself I’m the more handsome of the two of us. Does my picture make me look a little plump? I’m livin’ the good life eating, sleeping and then eating some more. I think my mom likes plump guys though, because she’s always rubbing my belly and burying her face in my long belly fur. Good thing I like it.

Spec: I’m a cat with leadership qualities, at least that’s what my mom says. She says I’m the smartest cat she’s ever known. I think it’s because I watch where she puts my toys away and I go and get them later, even if it’s inside a cupboard! That’s how I got the name Spec…it comes from Inspector, although I like to think it’s really from Spectacular.

Quincy (Q) : Isn’t my name cute? Get it? Q..ute? It was originally Quincy , but apparently it was too long and formal for a cuddly guy like me. Actually, the humans I own called me Pancake at first because I was so scared I would flatten myself like a pancake and hide under furniture. My brothers Spec and Eddie keep me company. We all get along great. My particular forte is grooming. I have a very fluffy orange coat with a really amazing tail.

Occupation: Dog
Nicknames: Ode, Odiferous, Odious, Little Boy
Age: approx. 14 months
Likes: playing fetch, meeting new friends, running, rough housing, destroying basketballs
Dislikes: baths

Occupation: Cat
Nicknames: Sheeb Jeeb, Jeeb Jeeb, The Jeeb, Jeebie, Jeebs
Age: approx. 14+
Likes: eating cat food, eating grass, eating Saltines, eating carpet lint, loafing
Dislikes: Odie



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