Name: KC Marie
Nicknames: Princess KC,Twinkle Toes, Ms. Marie
Birthdate: 2/24/1999
Breed: Yellow Lab
About KC: KC Marie is my pride and joy. I picked her right out of a cage at the Silicon Valley Humane Society. They brought her into the room to meet me and she ran right up to me and plopped herself on my lap. I was now hers. KC is the best dog I've ever had. She is always ready to do what I ask and enthusiastically goes wherever I take her. She was my agility dog. She has won Novice and Open AKC titles in both standards and jumpers agility. She is now 14 and still holding strong. It's sad to see them get old, but I continue to enjoy every minute I have with her.

Photo courtesy of Ann Clayton

Me and my KC Marie

Name: Bounce
Nicknames: Bubba
Birthdate: 3/2009
Breed: Chihuahua/Terrior
About Pip: Bounce is my first small dog ever and she is the best. I adopted her from NARF. Bounce is the best little dog ever. She is ready for anything, loves swimming, playing fetch sleeping on my lap and has even been paddle boarding. She earned her name from because she loves to bounce. She is a jumper indeed. She will jump for food, attention, to try to get places she isn't and when she is just plain happy. I highly recommend a chihuahua for everyone.

Name: Zach
Nickname: Mr. Zach, Big Boy
Breed: Big Orange Tomcat
About Zach: Zach is the newest addition. He came from the Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter. He is the friendliest cat I've ever had. He will go up to say 'hi' to anyone. Has experience helping the handyman, plumber and the fence builders. Loves to snuggle and no lap is safe. He has even converted non-cat people into Zach lovers. Could have a future in Cat Therapy.

"The difference between cats and dogs is, dogs come when they are called, cats take a message and get back to you."




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